Craigslist has always been popular not only as a place where you can buy phones and get jobs but also a place to have a casual, anonymous sexual encounter with someone. This section is called “Casual Encounters”. It’s a forum that allows users to solicit any sexual experience they desire. In this article, we will delve into how Craigslist’s Casual Encounters work, and we will generally assess if trying to hook up with ladies and Brisbane Personals on the platform is actually worth your while.

Like most digital communities, Casual Encounters has its own lingo tossed around the platform. If you’re looking for a woman, you can browse the w4m (woman for man) section. You can see different kinds of women from there, such as SF (Single Female), SAF (Single Asian Female), DWF (Divorced White Female), etc. Most users are looking for something with NSA (No Strings Attached). Once you decide to give this platform a try, you have to at least study their lingo and all other abbreviations used.

How It Works

Setting up an account is not hard at all. Just sign up the start posting ads. Posting them is free. Your ad can include your text, description, intentions, desires, picture, etc. After posting it, just wait until you start receiving responses. People are generally interested to know the attributes of the profiles they’re attempting to hook up with, like the age, race, height, and even breast or penis size. You can reply to your messages and see which user sounds legit and qualified. After exchanging messages and deciding to do it, you both meet and have a casual sex, depending on whatever you have both agreed on. You may or may not have to pay for the encounter depending on the kind of woman you have picked out.



The Challenge

Although, Craigslist’s Casual Encounters is actually not a bad platform since lots of people did have a great time with it and had fun experiences too, things have started to go south in the past few years. Perhaps during the first years of its inception people have had decent experiences and encounters, but since sometime around 2010, many scams and fraudulent activities rose and invaded the platform– not to mention angry aggressive men, prostitutes, gays pretending to be girls, and so on.

Sadly, it’s now a big challenge to meet and encounter real and attractive girls on Craigslist.  After having posted Casual Encounters ads everyday, there’s no quick assurance that your message will be read and responded by real women– the types of women you want to explore. Most of the replies you get would probably be plain spams or unqualified entries. Perhaps 70% of the replies on the platform are run by bots looking for emails to sell them as leads for profits. And 25% could be replies from women that are unattractive, prostitutes, obese, gay men pretending to be women, etc. The remaining 5% could be real, attractive girls but with very specific requirements. For instance. they want you to show them your dick to prove your lengthy stick size that could suit their needs. They want you to last for two hours or so and endure a long steamy encounter. They could as picky af.

If you do win qualified responses, you would have to exchange emails for a short or long period of of time–it depends on the girl. After taking the time to keep the digital communication up  to finally get laid soon, the prospect girl just stopped– no explanation or excuses. She’s gone with the wind. This is a very common problem that is just completely wasting your time. If your main purpose is to have sex, you might as well just look for girls that charge money for the deed. These are just some of the many issues about Craigslist’s Casual Encounters or Brisbane Personals.


Pros and Cons of Craigslist:


  • Free
  • A portion of their User base is authentic
  • Casual and anonymous
  • No Strings attached



  • Hard to find the real deal
  • Too many spams
  • Fake Users with fake pictures
  • You have to learn the terminologies
  • Full of perverts and sexual deviants– even serial killers, and crazy people


The Dangers of Craigslist:

As mentioned above for Casual Encounters’ final con, serial killers and psycho freaks could lurk around the site. In fact, a number of accounts about related crimes have already been reported throughout.

You have probably heard about the Craigslist killer Brady Oestrike. The crime happened in 2014. A pregnant teen, Brooke Slocum, and her boyfriend, Charles Oppenneer, met Brady Oestrike after agreeing for a session on Craigslist. Little did the young couple know that it was already their final day. Brady Oestrike tortured the 18-year old Brooke Slocum for a long, terrible 5-day ordeal and decapitated her boyfriend before dumping his dead body in a park. A horrific CCTV footage has been released by the police showing how  Oestrike has prepped and plotted his attack.



This is just one of the vicious occurrences caused by Craigslist meetups. You can never trust a stranger, and sometimes, you can never identify a twisted, psycho man from the normal pack. Thus, it’s just best to step back and free yourself from risks and danger.


A Much Better Alternative to Craigslist Personals:

If you’re really after sex, the safest and quickest way to satisfy your craving is to just hire independent escorts tha can get you laid in the most intensely indulging and safe way. Unlike prostitutes, escort services are legal. If you want more security, it’s best to pick the finest escort from licensed brothels like Brisbane Escorts.Look them up online, review their legitimacy, and pick the angel that will help your achieve your fantasies in the easiest and most pleasurable way. Most people like Casual Encounters because you can have sex with no strings attached. You can achieve just that as well with gorgeous escorts. There are no emotional strings– just physical indulgence. You don’t have to sign up, post ads, filter messages, sustain communication, and meet up while putting your life at risk. Get rid of the hassle and risks and go for the most convenient side of things. No fuss, no complications, no danger– just plain fun.